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Our 1 to 1 seo training courses are designed to bring webmasters, web designers and wannabee SEO providers up to speed in the latest SEO techniques.

Each 'module' covers a different stand alone aspect of the SEO process, as you complete each module, using your own website as the SEO project, the rankings will increase. The next module will build on previous results and you will gain, not only the knowledge but also the experience that will help:-

Webmasters increase profitablity
Web Designers' client retention
Open Doors to a new career
Bring previously outsourced procedures in-house
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We believe quality is more important that quantity and we tailor each course to your website.

What is covered / included in your training?

What is SEO and why is it important
How the search engines work – spiders
Keywords what are they how to choose them
Keyword density; not only in the content but also in the meta-description, page titles and link titles.
Competitor keyword analysis
Google analytics
Page titles – why are they important and how to write them
The meta tags / alt tags – what do they do and how to use them for best results
Sitemaps – how to use them correctly
Selecting your domain name
Influencing the robots
How to structure your website and internal linking – anchor text, navigation structure, saturation, duplicate content, sub domains
Pay per click
Links to tools including – keyword, search engine saturation
SEO checklist
Quick fix SEO - why an & or a £ anywhere in the coding of your project website affects rankings.
The importance of coding validation and how to sort the site out.
Keyword density; not only in the content but also in the meta-description, page titles and link titles.
Conversion rates
FTP - How to guide
HTML / PHP editing software - How to guide
Naming Files - learn why filenames are important to a holistic optimization strategy.
Robots.txt - learn how to use robots.txt file and robots meta tags to prevent search engines from indexing portions of your website.

In practice, we will be with you for a full day but will also leave you with a full 'easy to understand' seo course which could be read, understood and completed within a week. But in reality, it will never end. Your website will always require attention, and will need to be maintained to keep your website above your competitors. Typically, you will spend 30-60 minutes each day reading and implementing the course materials into your website. Remember, take as long as you need, it's no good skipping modules or cutting corners as you'll only find yourself regretting it later and re-visiting it. This is a fully self paced course.

For those of you who may want to undertake the seo course at your own pace, visit Online SEO Courses - that's our sister site.

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